I like to think that my accomplishments speak for themselves. Just in case they don’t, I’ll also several senior leaders with whom I’ve worked closely add color commentary.

Steve has tremendous experience and knowledge that spans both business and technology skills. He is dedicated, mature and practical in solving problems and implementing solutions. Steve is experienced in Agile practices to break down big initiatives into smaller pieces and distribute the workload to solve problems more quickly. Steve is also a pleasure to be around and brings a great attitude that is contagious with his teams.
Steve is a tenacious leader who constantly scans that landscape for opportunities to increase value delivered to the business.

I had the pleasure of working with Steve several times during the past few years, most recently as we worked to craft a new platform to accelerate our growth businesses. Steve brought a creativity and passion to the process that helped us to rethink long held practices about how we execute work, how we assess new opportunities, and how we manage change. Working across the business with both functional managers and senior executives he orchestrated a compelling case for a bold step forward.

As an executive, Steve earns my highest recommendation

Steve is a proven leader and during my time with him, he became that guy I went to when I needed improvements in a variety of aspects of a team’s execution. He draws on his leadership traits which run the gamut but I’d highlight focus, innovation, passion for the business and organizational effectiveness.

He is not afraid to make necessary leadership changes and drive improved performance. I’ve seen these actions alone positively impact how peers and stakeholders view the team — cooperative, responsive, accountable and reliable.

He is quick to diagnose execution or operational issues and prescribe (and implement) a fix. During our time together, Steve adeptly addressed major stakeholder confidence issues with more than one team and changed the whole dynamic within those teams — inspiring the rank and file to want to achieve. And, achieve they did.

Stephen is an experienced multi-discipline leader. He builds and motivates teams to deliver technology innovation and IT re-platforming at the scale and challenge unique to Fortune 100 companies. Stephen and his team were critical partners with the IBM Digital group in the creation of IBM’s digital marketplace. Stephen’s positive outlook and ‘can do’ attitude make him a pleasure to work with.
Steve Zakur is a simply outstanding Transformation executive. He worked for me for 6 years in my Business Transformation and IT organization at IBM and was my top go-to person for ANY hard problem we had to solve. Steve brings a consultant’s eye for quickly diagnosing issues, and an operational person’s heart and mind for constructing the solution and managing it to a successful conclusion.

Steve ran everything from Digital Transformation, to operationally fixing Data issues surrounding Sales , to running the entire inside Sales transformation program. Steve was “Mr Fixit” and has proven time and again he can walk into any new set of challenges and quickly diagnose the problems and fix them.