Stephen Zakur: Networking Brief

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This is a quick summary about me and the areas that I’m targeting for networking activities. Don’t take the Job Roles or Companies listed below literally. Think of it as a prompt to help you think of interesting people I should talk to. If you think of someone, shoot me an email. I will send you an introduction email that you can forward to the contact. It’s easy and I greatly appreciate your help.

Career Summary

I am a global, digital technology executive with a proven, fifteen-year record of moving organizations to leadership positions by building deep partnerships with business teams, excelling at organizational development, and deploying digital technologies and business models. I am passionate about acquiring and developing talent having managed teams of 1,000+ people.  As an established financial leader, I have managed budgets as large as $300M and delivered expense management while improving performance.

Now that the dull stuff is out of the way, here’s what am I looking for:

  1. I’m happiest and most effective fixing businesses that are broken. In today’s world, that means bringing digital methods to organizations that struggle to grow. But there’s still plenty of tried and true organizational development that also needs to be done.
  2. I’m interested in a corporate gig that leverages that experience, but,
  3. I’m also available on a consulting basis to diagnose problems, develop a turnaround strategy, and work with a team to operationalize the fix.

I’ve had lots of good conversations, a bunch of interviews, and have been exposed to new ways of thinking about my career, work, and life. It’s going well though I haven’t found the right home. You can still help (or continue to help).

Are there two or three people you think I should talk to? If so, shoot me an email.

Recommendations from those that know my work

“Steve has tremendous experience and knowledge that spans both business and technology skills. He is dedicated, mature and practical in solving problems and implementing solutions. Steve is experienced in Agile practices to break down big initiatives into smaller pieces and distribute the workload to solve problems more quickly. Steve is also a pleasure to be around and brings a great attitude that is contagious with his teams.”
“I hired Steve into IBM and it is one of the best decisions I ever made in my career. Not only did Steve excel in his position but he went on to become a successful IBM executive, a position he holds today. You can tell from his track record that Steve is smart, hard working, and gets results. What you can’t tell is what kind of person he is. Steve is one of the good guys who does the right thing for people even when it would be easier to take some short-term approach that fattens up results but leads to long-term problems.

Don’t miss an opportunity to work with Steve. He’ll not only get done what you need done, but he’ll make you better.”

“Steve is a tenacious leader who constantly scans that landscape for opportunities to increase value delivered to the business.

I had the pleasure of working with Steve several times during the past few years, most recently as we worked to craft a new platform to accelerate our growth businesses. Steve brought a creativity and passion to the process that helped us to rethink long held practices about how we execute work, how we assess new opportunities, and how we manage change. Working across the business with both functional managers and senior executives he orchestrated a compelling case for a bold step forward.”

As an executive, Steve earns my highest recommendation

“Steve Zakur is a simply outstanding Transformation executive. He worked for me for 6 years in my Business Transformation and IT organization at IBM and was my top go-to person for ANY hard problem we had to solve. Steve brings a consultant’s eye for quickly diagnosing issues, and an operational person’s heart and mind for constructing the solution and managing it to a successful conclusion.

Steve ran everything from Digital Transformation, to operationally fixing Data issues surrounding Sales , to running the entire inside Sales transformation program. Steve was “Mr Fixit” and has proven time and again he can walk into any new set of challenges and quickly diagnose the problems and fix them. “

You can find additional recommendations for my work on my LinkedIn Profile. You can also leave your own recommendation if you’d like.

Recent Work History

Director, Digital & Software Commerce

International Business Machines (IBM) (2015 – 2016)
Office of the CIO, Armonk, NY

Director, Sales Planning & Incentives Business Operations

International Business Machines (IBM) (2013 – 2015)
Office of the CIO, Southbury, CT

Director, Sales Productivity Transformation

International Business Machines (IBM) (2010-2013)
Office of the CIO, Armonk, NY

Director, Inside Sales & Online Commerce Transformation

International Business Machines (IBM)(2007 – 2010)
Office of the CIO, Armonk, NY


If you want to know more about my work experience and results delivered, download my full resume or check my LinkedIn Profile.

Skills & Experience

Digital Strategy & Transformation

Organization Turnaround

Agile Development

Process Improvement

Strategic Planning

General Management

Talent Acquisition

Financial Management


Stern School of Business, New York University

MBA, Finance – 1996

Southern Connecticut State University

BS, Accounting – 1996

Sample Companies

Bloomberg LP


General Electric


Guggenheim Partners

JP Morgan Chase


Synchrony Financial

TPG Capital

UnitedHealthcare Group


Do you know someone at one of these companies? Do you know someone at a close competitor? Shoot me an email!

Sample Job Roles


Divisional CIO

Principal Consultant

VP, Information Technology

VP, IT Strategy

VP, Business Transformation

Chief Digital Officer

VP, Operations


Have you heard about a job that sounds something like one of these? Do you know someone in a current role like the above that could help me with networking? Shoot me an email!

Sample Industries

Financial Services

Information Technology

Private Equity Portfolio Companies




Additional Information

  • Willing to relocate within the United States.
  • Willing to do up to 50% travel.