While the digital transformation assessment will be custom designed to look at where you are in your journey (e.g. not yet started; going well, need a tune-up; or major course correction), there is a standard method that decomposes each of the major elements of the framework.

We’ll look at things such as:


  • How engaged is the executive team in the valuable outcomes the teams are pursuing?
  • Does everyone buy-in to the minimum viable product (MVP) approach?
  • Is the scope of the work reasonable enough to deliver a valuable business outcome, fast?
  • Is there accountability for the business objective?

Business Model

  • Are the functional executives (those owning the “silos”) playing well together?
  • Are process design teams working on a cross-functional basis to deliver customer-focused processes?
  • Do the offerings/products match customer expectations for a digital business model?
  • How well integrated are the digital capabilities with the channel selling teams?

Technology Platform

  • Are the right skills in place to deliver the outcome?
  • Are the development teams using methods that will deliver valuable outcomes on a continuous basis?
  • Are the teams free to identify capabilities that are not part of the legacy architecture?
  • Are data models being built to enable integration end-to-end?

The transformation assessment will be completed in 30-45 days depending upon the availability of people and work products. The work will be conducted using agile methods comprising 2-3 two-week sprints.

The transformation assessment provides both graphical and textual evaluations of each of the framework elements and sub-elements as well as recommendations for improving performance and closing gaps. The assessment serves as the primary input into the framework design process. The output will also include a plan for design work.

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