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It’s a leadership team, not an entourage

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This is not what you want. This is not what you want. Prevention is key Prevention is key When presented with a low-performing organization the first thing you do is put out any fires that are flaring. Usually, low performing organizations are experts at firefighting. It’s all they have — endless urgent problems — so many teams get really good …

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Your past is not your future. Let it go.

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I’ve led a half-dozen organizations during the past decade and each one had unique challenges to overcome: operations in disarray; technology that wasn’t functioning right; messy data; right person, wrong job; wrong person. In each of these situations a shift was needed and that shift often required change across the business platform. And in most cases it required a significant …

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The fire is out. Now what?

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I suppose there are times that you’re hired to lead a new organization where a competent, well-loved leader has left you with a gem that only needs to be polished twice a month to retain its luster. Of course, there are other times, most times in fact, when you come into a position where it’s clear that improvements need to …