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Priorities and Perspectives

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This morning’s commute was wrong right from the beginning. On the way to the train station, it felt like every light was red, a van recklessly entering the highway avoided disaster by the grace of attentive drivers, and the side street that is my shortcut was blocked by fire engines. Miraculously early to the station, I watched the local train, relatively …

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Six signs you need to reboot your digital transformation

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Digital transformation is hard, especially for “traditional” businesses. You’re a traditional business if you’re not a digital native — if you didn’t grow up during the past five to ten years and/or digital is not part of your business DNA. Your DNA is different and will require some rewiring. That’s the painful part. But it’s possible to make rapid, meaningful …

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It’s a leadership team, not an entourage

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This is not what you want. This is not what you want. Prevention is key Prevention is key When presented with a low-performing organization the first thing you do is put out any fires that are flaring. Usually, low performing organizations are experts at firefighting. It’s all they have — endless urgent problems — so many teams get really good …