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Dear Apple, please don’t be like the rest of us.

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IPhone Sales Drop, and Apple’s 13-Year Surge Ebbs – NYTimes, April 26, 2016 Apple
Dear Apple:

I recently started using a 12.9 inch iPad Pro at work. I’m trying to figure out its place in my computing line-up. Will it be my primary computing device? Is it an augment to my MacBook Pro? Should it be returned so that some other corporate denizen can try and put it to good use?

The thing I like most about the iPad Pro is the stunningly sharp, touchable screen. Second to that is the ability to jettison the keyboard and roam free with me as I scribble my best thinking onto the tablet. What I like least about it is iOS; this platform simply begs for a “real” operating system. Where is El Capitan?

What’s most frustrating about this product is that other computer companies have had touchscreens and tabletizing features (whether it’s the Yoga’s flexibility or the Surface’s undocking) for quite some time. And those machines have a full featured operating system that can work the way I need to work. They don’t force me into some dumbed down version of an operating system that is fine for watching movies, surfing the web or doing one task at a time but that struggles in a world where I’m participating in a video conference while reading a Powerpoint and responding to texts.

Why hasn’t Apple united these features into it’s MacBook platform? Why can’t I touch my screen or write on it or undock it? I fear the reason is inside Apple there is a holy war between product managers each fearing that moving features across platforms would cause sales on one to benefit at the expense of another.

Until now, Apple has been unlike the rest of us. The Apple II moved aside for the Mac. They killed the Newton so that someday the iPhone could be reality. They sacrificed the music feature on iPods so that the iPhone could ascend. And yet my MacBook Pro continues to lack a touchscreen much less the ability to become unhinged.

This is a disturbing moment. Apple is no longer special. Apple is now just another large company struggling with growth and a culture that protects the past. They’ve jumped the shark tank. The future of Apple is no longer uncertain just because everyone who wants and iPhone has one. It’s now uncertain because their ability to rapidly evolve is diminished. They’ve become us and we’ll be worse for it.

Apple. Please change. Don’t be us.

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